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Dr Klaudia Simon

Dr. Klaudia Simon is a general surgery resident and aesthetic medicine physician & trainer with a full medical license in Norway, Poland and Latvia.

On a daily basis, she works in the Department of General and Transplant Surgery at the Infant Jesus Clinical Hospital in Warsaw under the supervision of Professor Maciej Kosieradzki. She imparts her knowledge in the field of general surgery to students of the Faculty of Medicine, fulfilling the role of a Lecturer’s Assistant at the University Clinical Center of the Medical University of Warsaw.

Having always recognized the importance of quality education, she chose to attend 6-year English-language medical studies at the international medical faculty of the prestigious Rigas Stradina Universitate (which has been ranked multiple times as one of the world’s top 1000 universities, including in 2018-2021).

She completed her medical internship at the Department of Surgery of the Pauls Stradiņš Clinical University Hospital in Riga (Latvia). In addition, she worked as Assistant to Deputy Head of Department for daily surgeries at the Department of Gynaecologic Oncology, Surgical Division of the St. John of Dukla Center of Oncology of the Lublin Region (COZL).

She is the author of the English-language scientific study entitled “Cross-linked Hyaluronic Acid vs. PDO Thread Facelift – Efficacy, Durability, Complications” approved by and defended before the examination committee of the Department of Dermatology and Venerology, Riga Stradins University. The basis for her scientific work was the detailed study of scientific literature based on a variety of clinical trials and medical reports and an analysis of the global scientific achievements of the last 20 years in this area.

She puts a lot of emphasis on constant education and expanding her extensive knowledge by regularly participating in international training courses and scientific conferences (including in the US, Portugal, Spain, Poland, the UK, United Arab Emirates, Latvia and Italy) held by doctors who take care of the appearance of major film and music stars on a daily basis.

Dr. Klaudia Simon can communicate fluently with her patients in Polish, English, Italian, and Norwegian. For years she has had the pleasure of caring for patients from the UK, Vietnam, India, the US, Russia, Israel, Egypt, Sri Lanka, Ukraine, Norway, Sweden, Italy, Poland, Algeria, Finland, and France.

As a Member of the American Academy of Aesthetic Medicine, she specialises in Anti-Aging, regenerative and regular treatments, and complete makeovers involving multiple procedures. She is also famous for her ability to conduct complicated and comprehensive procedures on all layers of skin tissue, taking advantage of physiological interactions between tissues in the human body.

Dr. Simon also provides injection treatments for chronic migraines, which can significantly alleviate, and, in some cases, completely eliminate the symptoms.

She is guided by the principle that a successful procedure is only possible with an in-depth interview, listening to the patient’s expectations, thoroughly examining the treatment area and utilising a combination of medical techniques in such a way as to achieve a living masterpiece.

Dr. Klaudia Simon approaches her job and constant training with extraordinary passion and dedication. The treatments she provides are distinguished by a personalised and holistic view of the patient and a well-thought-out multi-stage treatment strategy, while ensuring highly comfortable conditions for every patient. She provides professional assistance in choosing and combining various types of treatments, selecting products to take care of any skin type and the patient’s overall appearance, and, if needed, drawing up a personalised long-term therapeutic programme. Patients highly value Dr. Klaudia Simon for her precision, calmness and empathy, which make them feel safe during all procedures.